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ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH , is a duly ordained Messianic Rabbi by WMEK & Hebrew Union Sephardic , Lion of Judah IntL. Dr. Eliyahu is a Sephardic Reformed Jew. He is also an accomplished AUTHOR of 17 books, a PUBLISHER,  Hebraic Teacher, Radio and T.V. personality and internet sensation and Social Media INFLUENCER.  He is Energetic, Dynamic, Highly Spirited, Anointed, Charismatic, SPEAKER, EXORCIST, Ghost Writer and NATIONAL RECORDING ARTIST. A trailblazer setting standards across the Globe proving, to have a real move of the Ruach of YHWH. He acknowledges his call to the ministry at the age of 15 in PUERTO RICO. In his pursuit of spiritual excellence he has obtained two doctorates degree in DIVINITY. He has finished the mandatory HEBREW STUDIES from Israel a graduate of Israel Bible Center. Dr. ELIYAU is a certified Messianic Educator. Dr. Eliyahu is currently pursuing a Phd in Psycholoy and Christian Theology at QUEENS COLLEGE OF THEOLOGY expected degree 2023. He also will be recipient of a Honorary Doctorates of Philosophy in 2023 from Harvest Time International Christian University. Dr. ELIYAHU is a Life and Mental Health Coach, Member PWA Liscensed and Association of Christian Counselors.

Known for his incredible prophetic gift and insight and ministry of compassion.

Though he is bilingual, his ministry transcends cultural , Religious and denominational barriers for his passion is seeking the unity of the people, communities and the world. Dr. ELIYAHU has served as Spanish interpreter for Dr. Shaeffer ( former Rabbi in Cuba 1994), Pastor Benny Hinn, Henry Hinn, Pastor Ana Maldonado ( Miami, FL ), just to name a few.

A highly sought after speaker, his ministry has reached countries such as, Japan, San-Salvador, Philippines, London UK , France, ST. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Canada and Cuba and travels extensively nationwide still.

Dr. Eliyahu is Founder & President of: ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH SCHOOL OF THE PROPHET ,established 2014

.Dr. ELIYAHU is not only an active voice within the confinements of the ASSEMBLY OF BELIEVER'S but he is also known and listed amongst, Politicians. Dr. ELIYAHU has received numerous meritorious citations and Proclamations from various elected officials including the state of DE. an active, Certified Chaplain for the State of TX he serves diligently to make a difference in the lives of citizens.
Dr. ELIYAH sits on several boards as executive board member of various reformations.

* Ruben Diaz,Sr ( Former State Senator, NY) and Pastor once said, "Dr. ELIYAHU is indeed a man of PRAYER and ONE OF THE BEST PREACHERS OF NEW YORK !". Pastor Chano Najeras from OK,  has baptized Dr. ELIYAHU with the name " Lion of the pulpit ".  ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH (ESBYAH) is a TRADEMARK name duly registered with USA Government.

Publicity is High, but yet while ministry is important to ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH, Family is equally important. Eliyahu is a Husband, Father of 4, living in the U.S.A.

Areas covered include:

Spiritual  Influencer & Exorcist




School of the Prophets & Ordinations

Anointed Worship,

Prayer and Deliverance on  Facebook Live




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 


Shalom Shalom  Please contact Dr.Eliyahu BEN YAH  for any personal prayer request and speaking engagements. 

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