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Who Are We

Who We Are


We are a PROPHETIC BIBLE INSTITUTE established 2014. It was Prophet SAMUEL in the Bible who first Institutionalized the SCHOOL OF THE PROPHET and every other prophet mentioned IN THE BIBLE followed suit. I believe that the office of the PROPHET has been discredited for lack of proper training, education, Serious Biblical guideline, and accountability. Without Spiritual and Biblical accountability, responsibility we can't be efficient and effective in the Kingdom of YHWH (GOD). We are messianic believers that offer quality Biblical training and THEOLOGY. We teach Biblical Hebrew, Greek , Latin and Aramaic to grasp a full spectrum of and proper understanding of BIBLE SCRIPTURES. Our emphasis is HEBREW , the foundational language in which the Bible was written, in simple words HEBRAIC PERSPECTIVE.


The curriculum is supplied upon request. Dr. Eliyahu is the Professor and other guest QUALIFIED TEACHERS ( Father Kelmy Rodriguez) that will teach personally and as group setting via online ( Skype, Zoom, Facebook and other venues )and or on the phone. 12 Books will be used as textbooks ( where the students must write an essay of each)written by Dr. ELIYAHU, found at: This is also a School of thought that enhances critical thinking for we firmly believe it takes 28 sciences to interpret the Bible correctly. (EX: Hermeneutics, Archeology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Geography , etc just to name a few) We want to give a solid Biblical foundation to our students.

The first year course is extensive as it is the foundation but yet simple to understand. This school does not discriminate based on color, gender, race, ethnicity, language, or religious and denominational preference (Inter-denominational) It is mostly by Oral dictation and the only investment will be the monthly fees, Textbooks at a 45% discount price, and plenty of notebooks of their choice bought by the students, also  pens or pencil as writing is required for notes of the class to be taken.  BILINGUAL (English & Spanish). 2nd Year after the second semester, we offer ORDINATION for qualified candidates. For more information (30 MINUTES OF FREE CONSULTATION ) or to sign up for the school , please fill our form below or call us at: (346)251-6044. Hours : MON -FRIDAY 11am-7pm.  ESBYAH (ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH) is a TRADEMARK BRAND NAME  APPROVED BY USA GOVERNMENT and is currently SEEKING ACCREDITATION.


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